Welcome to Aquatic Escapes Aquariums Inc

Aquatic Escapes specializes in bringing the natural beauty of saltwater and freshwater environments into your home or office. We provide custom aquarium design, installation, cleaning and diagnostics and are proud to be Vancouver's leading aquarium maintenance and service company.

Our Services


New Setups & Renovations

- Design
- Installations
- Species Selection

Whether it's a new aquarium setup or a renovation we will ensure that the aquarium decor matches the environment of its inhabitants, and all the equipment on the aquarium is appropriate and vital to fish health.


Cleaning -
Healthcare -
Diagnostics -

Maintenance is available throughout the Lower Mainland from Whistler to Abbotsford. We supply custom aquariums to all of Canada and the United States.



- Biotopes
- Natural Beauty
- Rockwork Design

At Aquatic Escapes we ensure not only a clean and healthy aquarium but also a beautiful one. Spectacular natural aquascapes highlight the communities of fish and invertebrates that populate our aquariums.

Life Support

Plumbing -
Equipment -
Sump Design -

Our services are available on call or by schedule (weekly, bi-monthly and monthly packages). We offer 24 hour emergency services and do insurance jobs too!




Our Team