New Setups & Renovations

- Design
- Installations
- Species Selection

Whether it's a new aquarium setup or a renovation we will ensure that the aquarium decor matches the environment of its inhabitants, and all the equipment on the aquarium is appropriate and vital to fish health.


Cleaning -
Healthcare -
Diagnostics -

Maintenance is available throughout the Lower Mainland from Whistler to Abbotsford. We supply custom aquariums to all of Canada and the United States.



- Biotopes
- Natural Beauty
- Rockwork Design

At Aquatic Escapes we ensure not only a clean and healthy aquarium but also a beautiful one. Spectacular natural aquascapes highlight the communities of fish and invertebrates that populate our aquariums.

Life Support

Plumbing -
Equipment -
Sump Design -

Our services are available on call or by schedule (weekly, bi-monthly and monthly packages). We offer 24 hour emergency services and do insurance jobs too!